Artesian South Sea Spas

South Sea Spas


The most discriminating buyers choose South Seas Spas because of they aesthetic appeal, ergonomic design and attractive features not found in other spas.  Our Deluxe spa offer several exclusive features – the pillowfall neck and shoulders jet massagers and LED lighting.  By choosing other options such as a stereo system or rail lighting, you can make this spa your own private getaway.


Whether you choose a Standard or Deluxe South Seas model, both are as committed to quality as they are to efficiency.  Each South Seas Spa allows you to ease you tension away with a powerful combination of heat and the latest in hydrotherapy massage technology.  You can add a stereo system and mood soothing lights for a custom-made vacation spot in your own backyard retreat.

Wellness for Every Body

While soaking in a spa you can close your eyes, let the jets massage your muscles and take time to both mentally and physically relax.
Taking time to relax in your spa can not only help relieve tensed muscles, but can also lead to a better nights sleep and a refreshed attitude.
Hot tubs and spas are well known for their therapeutic abilities, but did you know that you can exercise in your spa as well?