Finnleo Outdoor Traditional Sauna Rooms

Finnleo Traditional Outdoor Saunas

Finnleo Traditional Outdoor Saunas

Quality Time Outside

The Finnleo Outdoor traditional sauna’s simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble anywhere you have space. At the same time, saunas integrated walls and gable system ensure you will enjoy a strong, durable sauna that will be perfectly at home outside for many years to come.

The roof kit is fully insulated and available with plywood (ready for your shingles), cedar shingles or metal roofing.

Inside, you’ll enjoy all the comfort, and style and attention to detail you expect from Finnleo. Nordic White Spruce or Cedar on the cathedra ceiling and walls creates a light, cozy, genuinely sauna feel. Abachi furnishings feel as good as the look, staying cool to the touch despite the sauna heat.

If you have a pool or hot tub, all the better; an Outdoor sauna will only add to the pleasure you already get from them.


The attractive Euro Outdoor sauna offers flexibility on where it can be installed and has contemporary European style design. Install this sauna under a deck, on a deck or on other level patio-type surfaces. The sauna interior can be sauna only or include a changing room on largest size models. Paint or stain on the sauna exterior is mandatory to maintain the warranty. .


The Finnleo NorthStar Outdoor Sauna’s simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble in a few hours anywhere you have space—on a patio or under a deck, poolside, or adjacent to a backyard cold plunge or hot tub.

The perfect complement to backyard living, the NorthStar Outdoor Sauna is easier than ever to use with your smartphone as a second control. No need to go outside to turn the heater on.

Custom Outdoor

A Finnleo Custom-Cut Outdoor Sauna will meet your special needs for backyard living. Custom-Cut Outdoor Saunas are perfect for new construction—such as within a pool house—or remodeling an existing backyard structure, such as a shed or unattached garage. A special design or unique location doesn't mean you have to settle for less.


Metro brings modern sauna comfort and luxury to your backyard. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, Metro is at its best near the patio, pool or lake — if pool or lake side, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the ultimate experience of “sauna with a cool water plunge.” Beautiful, durable, welcoming: Metro is an ongoing invitation to enjoy your great outdoors.


Stepping out of the sauna heat into the contrast of cool, fresh air is a special feeling. Finnleo Patio is a compact, free standing sauna that makes it easy to enjoy within minutes of delivery. Thanks to its size, portability and ease of installation, you can always find room for a Patio sauna — and what a perfect add-on for a pool or hot tub.